Role: Project Leader, Designer, Main Researcher
Participants: 4
Period: 2010.01 – 2010.05

Bed-Wheelchair Transfer System for the Physically Challenged

Transferring oneself from a wheelchair to a bed, or vise versa, is a difficult task for the physically challenged. It also places a strain on the carer. I know this very well because my grandfather suffered from brain tumor and became half paralyzed after the surgery.

Ablechair has been designed to allow such transfers independently. The wheelchair incorporates a folding seat system. From the chair configuration, the sitting surface automatically flattens out. The height can be adjusted to suit the bed height. In this stretcher-like formation, the now flat surface can be detached and transferred to the bed along rails. The patient does not need to move any attached intravenous units because they follow as the upper frame moves. The upper part of Ablechair is used as a stretcher in an emergency. Ablechair users have more chance of rehabilitation without assistance as they are able to move around by themselves.