Haptic Reader

Role: Project Leader, Main Designer, Main Researcher
Participants: 3
Period: 2008.09 – 2009.02

How To Read A Non-Braille Book

Braille books are very limited in numbers compared to non-braille books. Visually-impaired people are hard to get braille books and have to wait until they are translated. (I learned such difficulties while I was doing public service at a public library for the visually-impaired.)

Haptic Reader helps blind people to read non-Braille books. When you place it on the page of a book, it scans the letters on the page. The letters are converted to Braille characters, which appear on the surface of the device. The text can also be converted to voice, which is played through the embedded speaker.

This project won an award from one of the world's top three design award, IDEA(International Design Excellence Award) and attracted public attention. Many blind people, educators, reporters from broadcasts and magazines, and even the world's famous tenor Andrea Bocelli contacted me. I believe that I would make it someday for all the visually-impaired in the world. Please support me if you have a heart.

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