Role: Main Designer, Researcher
Participants: 6
Period: 2010.02 – 2010.07

Sound and Tactile Based Game for the Vision-Impaired

What if we cannot see? It would be even difficult to meet others and make friends. Since visually impaired people are limited in physical movement, their health becomes weak as they get older. We had observed these phenomenons in a nursing house in Gouda, Netherlands.

Kyok(Memory in Korean) is a sound and tactile based game device that enables them to make friends, physically exercising their body. Kyok is basically a two-players game. On both sides, there are 24 buttons and each has unique texture and sound. Each player can try two buttons to match the same sound. They remember the buttons with their textures. While playing this game, the visually-impaired elders have a chance to talk to each other, having fun and moving their upper body and arms because the device is quite large (532*408mm).